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December 04, 2023, 06:00:56 pm
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What IDT is all about.

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Author Topic: What IDT is all about.  (Read 170 times)
« on: December 28, 2009, 06:29:31 pm »

Industrial Dragon Tycoons is the core industrial group of a previous industrial corp that lost it's mind and decided to go and sacrifice all it's members and assets in 0.0 space, which they promptly did.  We, the rational remnant, represent seasoned mission runners,  miners, manufacturers, traders, and researchers.  We are NEVER moving to 0.0 space!  We are NEVER moving to lowsec!

We have more fun doing what we do now than any lowsec or 0.0 adventure we've ever experienced, and we make more money.  Massively more.  We have a HighSec POS facility owned and operated by one of our shadow corporations allowing research and manufacturing opportunities otherwise not available.  We manufacture many items for sale to further generate corporate income.  We run missions to provide salvage and rare minerals to the corp, and income to the participating members.  From time to time we take over a piece of wormhole space, drop a POS into it, exploit the sites in it, and mine all of the beautiful exotic and rare ores to be found there to support our manufacturing operations.

After expenses and growth fund contribution, the rest of the corporate income is distributed out on a monthly basis to our members, divided among the members according to the activity points earned each month in corp activities.  Trusted membership is earned by participation in these events, and receive full shares of profit sharing per participation point, members receive 1/3 shares of profit sharing per participation point at this time, though that split will increase to 2/3 in the near future.  Even at 1/3, it's still very lucrative.

We are willing to train new players who join us and participate in corp activities.  You can earn your ships, components, and rigs with us, and anything we cannot build can be purchased and provided to you at wholesale cost.

This is an adult organization for people capable and willing to act like adults.  Please don't bring your drama in here.  Our expectations are simple, and enforced.  If we have to enforce something twice, chances are good that we aren't right for each other and you may be asked to leave.  If we have to enforce it 3 time, you'll receive a nice award and be booted out of the corp.

Basically, just be cool.  Don't shoot other corp members without their permission, don't scam them, don't screw them over.  Simple.
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« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2009, 06:31:52 pm »

(Excerpt from forum posting)

We've been progressing along as a corporation for a while now and we are approaching our next major milestone on the uber master plan of great evil domination and terror, a.k.a. project Cuddly Reptile.  This milestone is 1 billion in corp cash.  I expect we'll hit it either this weekend or the next; we're really very very close.

Our previous milestone was to make the corp self profiting and to pay the members of the corp who helped the corp to make those profits appropriate shares for their efforts.  I hope you are all enjoying your monthly payouts.

So, where are we going with this Cuddly Reptile from here?  This milestone triggers an event, which is making the Directors of the corporation owners by issuing shares of the corp to them.  The next milestone has to do with our payout structure.  As it is now, cash comes into the corporation from our efforts, and if anyone, including the corp, had to put cash in to make that project work they get paid off first, and the remainder is split between the corp and it's members.  The corp is taking 2/3 of the cash, the members are getting 1/3 paid to them through the point system.  You probably don't realize it, but this is you investing into the corp.  What is the corp doing with that 2/3 of the cash it gets has everything to do with the next milestone.  Various members, meaning Malichi Hew, have invested into the corporation to provide it with it's assets.  The corp is purchasing these assets, at cost, from the investor(s) with that 2/3.  Soon, the blueprint originals we use will be owned by the corp.  Soon the POS will be owned by the corp.  When all the assets of the corp are owned by the corp, we have achieved the next milestone.

What happens when we hit this milestone?  The corporation changes.  Shares of the corporation are issued to the full members of the corp at that time, and the corporation becomes member owned.  2/3 of the monthly profits are paid to the members instead of 1/3, and the corp gets 1/3 instead of 2/3 to buy new blueprints and other things it needs.  You now own the corp (in part) that you belong to, and get paid handsomely for your efforts in it.  This is what was initially envisioned for the corporation at its founding, and we are well on our way to achieving it.

Thank you all for helping us get this far!  Your efforts are making this happen and you should be very proud of your results.  Hopefully this gives you an idea of what we have to look forward to.  We're building for all of our futures, we're building for strength, we're building our cuddly reptile!  Hug it tight!
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